Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Root your Wi-Fi router to get Privacy - for all connected devices!

Rooting Android phone using Cyanogenmod (or similar mods) gives your phone pure android experience without any blotted apps. You get features that are not available on default firmware to make it feature rich. It’s built on open source and you can rely on it.
What if you could root Wi-Fi router to get new feature set ?  E.g. TOR based privacy via Wi-Fi  or Online Security or get Secured and customizable OS on router - Sounds interesting ?
Wi-Fi routers in market are re-programmable. You could install new firmware on it to make it enterprise grade router.   
How to root your Wi-Fi router ?
  • If you are a super geek, you could install OpenWRT and configure it as you want.
  • OpenWRT is Open Source Linux distribution for Wi-Fi router. Its free for anyone to download and use
  • OpenWRT is customizable and there are packages available that you could download and install on top of it to provide TOR Privacy, Security or more.
What’s the catch with it?Problem is that it’s NOT easy for geeks to do it right. Your router could be bricked and that you could spend endless time fiddling with it. Surely it’s doable and not impossible task. Please do it at your own risk - my DISCLAIMER.
What’s the alternative ?Open Netware a startup, has came up with revolutionary android app
Privacy On Top” that can install new firmware on router over air.
How does it work?Just install an Android App - “Privacy On Top” and that will guide you through 6 simple install steps. You don’t need to touch your Wi-Fi router and everything happens over air. Interesting?
Is my router supported ?Privacy On Top  currently supports set of 7 widely used routers. TPLink, DLink and Western Digital. Exact list could be found here.
What do I get with Privacy On Top firmware?
  1. A dedicated Wi-Fi for privacy using TOR Network.  All your devices get connected to TOR Network. Everything coming out of router will be encrypted and cannot be snooped by ISP
  2. A dedicated Wi-Fi for Online Security using OpenDNS and DNSCrypt. It secures you from phishing and bad websites by blocking the traffic. Read about OpenDNS here.
  3. Secured and customized ready to use OS that protects you against all known attacks on Wi-Fi routers.
Download App or have more Questions ?http://PrivacyOnTop.com

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