Thursday, June 26, 2014

Incognito mode for Phone calls ?

Your phone call-log reveals lot about you: Your Phone call-log is equally important as your emails, online accounts as it can reveal huge amount of information about you. What kind of person you are and what you do. What you work on and to whom you talk to frequently. Over the time it grows and maintains critical info about you, your relationships, your work, your friends, your business, your food orders and your health.

Your phone call-log is not private any more:
This info can be used in multiple ways to map your identity and people you communicate too.  And it's too easy to capture this info and send it across to third-party. You just have to install an app(e.g. games on android) that reads your call log and send it to third-party server; which happens behind the scene while you enjoy games. Thereon your call-log can be sold/shared/investigated and can become public information.

Your call-log can provide sensitive info based on where you work. Companies provide BYOD (Bring your own device) policies for employees and secure it with PIN and encrypted emails. However call log is still available games employees install and play and can be passed on to third-party. Are you working in defense, research, mission critical projects, marketing, sales ?  You better maintain your call-log!

Call-log gets backed up:
Many of the apps do backup your call-log so as to provide a backup service to you. Again this info is stored on servers and multiple copies are maintained. If your on-line account to that maintains backup is hacked all your info is then in hands of hackers and thus public.

Solution is to maintain privacy and be aware about your call-log: 
1. Ensure that you are not installing apps that needs permission to you call log and other personal data
2. Ensure you delete/hide call log of important calls. Use 'Private Call' app. This app auto-deletes call-log for incoming/outgoing/missed call and no data is available for anyone to see or any app to read.

Idea behind Private Call app: Auto-delete call log entries of private conversations and provide incognito mode for your phone calls.

How Private Call app works:
- It auto-deletes call-log for specified private contacts
- Incoming / outgoing and missed call-log get deleted at the end of call
- Provides password access to private contact list and private call-log
- You can hide the this app(using other icon hide app) and still launch it using ##PIN in dial pad
- Its free! If you need to add more than 5 private contacts then it provides in-app purchase to go-premium

Various purposes you can use Private Call for: You can think of any discussions e.g.  private calls, business Calls, secret/research projects calls, relationship calls, marketing and sales deals that happen over series of phone calls.

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